Pop & Western Country Guitars

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Audentity Records proudly presents Pop & Western Country Guitars.

This is a really unique pack that fits in many genres besides Country & Western, for example Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, Sing & Songwriter and many more genres.

You can expect lush, warm, moody, organic, pop and country & western-sounding guitar riffs which will easily fit in your next production without much of a hassle.

This pack includes 105 loops; 30 acoustic guitar loops and 75 electric guitar loops - all loops are carefully mixed with good limiters, compressors and saturators.

The combination of the clean-sounding acoustic guitars and the hard-hitting electric guitars will blow your mind.

So check all the samples out and see for yourself what this sample pack has to offer.
Please note: this is a full guitar pack, the drum and other instruments in the music demo are not included in the pack.

Pop & Western Country Guitars contains:
75 Electric Guitar Loops
30 Acoustic Guitar Loops
Total 105 Guitar Loops

Pop & Western Country Guitars

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