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Future House #1 Super Pack - A U D E N T I T Y  | Samplestore

Future House #1 Super Pack

  • €18.99


''Future House #1 Super Pack"  brings a huge amount of Future House Drop Loops, Bass Loops, Melodies, One Shots, MIDI, 4 Patches Banks with 60 presets for the most popular VST synths such as Sylenth, Massive, Spire and Serum plus a full Future House project!

It's a completely new SUPER PACK based on “all Royalty Free” materials!

Again a whopping  1.2 GB of super quality samples, with everything you may need to produce a great Future House tracks and push up your producer skills. 

All the ingredients are here for your next track,we included Wav Loops, Presets, Midi, One Shot Wavs,Future House Wobble Loops,Drumloops and a complete Future House project.

You can use everything in your own track and release it on your fav label such as Spinnin Deep, Armada, HEXAGON and SKINK

* 22x  Bassloops

* 26x  Synthloops

* 14x  Future Wobble Loops

* 23x  Layered Loops

* 18x  Drumloops

* 16x  Future House Kicks

* 76x One Shot wavs (wet)

* 45x  One Shot wavs (dry)

* 28x  Midi

* Spire Presets

* Sylenth Presets

* Massive Presets


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