Nightout - Trap Soul Rnb is something special, a cool floating soulful samplepack with 7 vocal toplines.The pack has been created by one of most experienced sample teams who have managed to construct and glue together a mix of multiple genres like Soul, Trap, RnB and Pop, while still maintaining...
The Follow up of 1 of our most popular packs from last year is here: Emo Pop Vibes 2. What really makes this pack so unique, is that there aren't many samplepacks out there in this genre, especially the deep emotional vocals and useful Emo Pop instrumental sample content, characterized...
€35,00 €117,50
Audentity Records · Megabundle 2022 We inspected our most popular packs and selected & took their best kits, samples, loops and one shots and added these in this huge collection, in total 1000 samples, loops nad one shots. Included are samples selected from 21 best selling sample packs. Normal value would...
Audentity Records presents: The Bangerz Trap Pack. This pack is a must have for all the fans of trap music with Rnb en pop influences. The samples in this pack are carefully created with real instruments and through high quality samples and synth sound designing. The loops represent the current...

Pop music is a popular genre of music that is largely produced for commercial appeal and public consumption. The term ‘pop’ is usually used to describe at least the top 40 hits of each year.

Pop music is a genre that is characterized by catchy hooks, bright, prominent beats, and a mostly positive outlook. Pop music also uses a lot of synths and electronic instruments, and often features a vocalist. However, there is a lot of diversity within pop music, and it can be hard to pinpoint what pop music is. In order to understand what pop music is, it helps to understand what it isn’t. Pop music isn’t a genre that is only focused on having a catchy hook, or a style that is only focused on using electronic instruments. In order to understand pop music, it helps to understand the genre ‘pop’. Pop music is a genre of music that has a wide variety of styles.

Pop samples

Pop samples are a collection of music samples. It is used to create new mixes, mashups, or remixes. Pop samples contain all the instruments, vocals, and sounds that are needed to create a music mix.
The use of pop samples is a fundamental part of producing commercial music. When producers are creating a track, they might need to reference a specific song, but they don't want to use the full song. They can use a pop sample instead. This is a short snippet of another song that is used to create a new song.

Pop sample pack

Save yourself time by buying a royalty free pop sample pack produced by renowned artists. Use the time to get new ideas, create and release new music.
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